Park Information

Please read the below information before using the skatepark as they contain important information and health and safety guidelines to keep you safe on the park.

Opening Hours

Daylight hours - 9am to dusk (weather permitting)


CCTV and PIR lights are directly linked to the police. Those found to vandalise will be prosecuted.

Playground Conduct

This will be your playground. It is being created especially for you and took a lot of hard work and effort. Cherish it, look after it, respect it, and keep it in the condition you would like to find it when you arrive.

Expected Behaviour

  • Respect the playground and all users at all times
  • Put your litter in the bin!
  • Share the equipment fairly and take turns
  • Mentor other users; those in need or those new to the playground
  • Report any damage by using the contact form

Prohibited Activities

  • Do not use the park during bad weather or when surfaces are wet or icy
  • No littering, graffiti or any defacing of the playground
  • NO GLASS of any kind
  • No alcohol, tobacco or drug use in the playground
  • No loud or offensive music
  • No dogs allowed
  • No footballs allowed
  • Bullying, threatening behaviour, fighting or violence of any kind, either towards other users or the equipment, will NOT be tolerated